Do citizens of Kuwait need a visa to visit Russia?

Yes, Any Kuwait passport holder needs an visa to enter to Russia.

How to Get a Russian Visa in Kuwait?

All individual visa seekers are requested to apply at the Russian Embassy and provide the necessary documents with their visa application form completed and signed. The applicants are required to present an invitation to Russia

made by a Russian resident. Depending on the purpose of the trip, the visa process may be different, as each visa type requires specific set of documents and procedures. Most travelers request one of the following types of Russian visa:

  • Tourist visa. This type of visa is suitable for those who travel for tourism and leisure purposes.
  • Business visa is meant for those who travel for business.
  • Electronic visa - for example: short-term trips;
  • Private visa. This type is designed for short stay trips to Russia intended for visiting relatives or friends. We'd like to inform you that it's cheaper and easier to apply for a tourist visa instead.
  • Work visa is required for those who enter the country to work in a Russian company.

Where to Apply for a Russian Visa in Kuwait?

Russian visas can be applied for at the Russian Consulate in Kuwait City. See more information at the page below.

Type of Visa Duration Purpose
Tourist visa 1-30 days Sightseeing, visiting friends in Russia
Electronic visa 8 days Trips for a short period of time
Business visa 30-90 days (up to 5 years) Search of business partners, attending conferences, long trips, long-term visits of friends in Russia
Private visa 30-90 days Official visits to meet with friends in Russia (Not recommended! See why)
Work visa 1-3 years Employment in Russia or permanent residence

Russian Tourist Visa Requirements for Kuwaiti Citizens

Most foreign nationals, including citizens of Kuwait, need to obtain a tourist visa to travel to Russia for tourism purposes, such sightseeing, cultural and history tours, adventure tours, hiking tours, etc. A special document called tourist visa support letter, or invitation letter, is required to successfully complete the application process.

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Tourist visa invitation letter can be requested from any travel company authorized by the Federal Register of Tour Operators of Russia. These travel companies print invitation letters on their letterheads, this is why each letter looks different. However, any properly made invitation letter contains two parts: a tourist voucher and a tourist confirmation. It takes about an hour to make a tourist visa invitation letter.

The following information must be indicated in it: the travel company's name, its unique reference number (assigned by the Federal Register of Tour Operators), as well as the personal details of the person for whom the letter is issued. In addition to that, the letter must contain information regarding all the cities the traveler wishes to visit while staying in Russia, his/her travel dates and the number of entries he/she wishes to request.

Tourist visas are valid for a period not exceeding 30 days. They can be single- or double-entry. 

Arrange an invitation for a Russian tourist visa for Kuwaiti citizens

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Russian Private (Visitor) Visa Requirements for Kuwaiti Citizens

Any citizen of Kuwait wishing to visit their Russian friends or family will need to apply for a visitor visa in advance. The first step to obtaining this type of visa is to get a special kind of invitation. The traveler should ask the person who invites him/her to visit Russia for help on that matter. Both natural and legal person are allowed to make invitations. 

If it's a legal person, he/she should contact the nearest FMS (Federal Migration Service) office. He/she will need to submit a complete set of documents for the application. Normally, the decision is made withing 17 working days.

Please note! We do not recommend using a private visa!
Find out why: Why not apply for a private visa?

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If it's a natural person who requests a private visa invitation letter, he/she will also need to submit the relevant documents at the local FMS office. He/she will be required to provide a guarantee letter, where the applicant states that he/she will provide accommodation and support to the person he/she invites. Kuwait is considered a high migration risk country by the Russian authorities, this is why any Russian resident who invites a citizen of that country needs to appear for an interview at the FMS. The application process may take up to 30 days.

In some cases, the authorities may refuse to issue the invitation letter. A written letter of refusal shall be issued, if that's the case. If the application is approved, the applicant will get an invitation letter printed on the standard form.

Private visas can be valid for a maximum of 90 days. This type of visa can be single-entry or double-entry.

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Russian Business (Commercial) Visa Requirements for Kuwaiti Citizens

Citizens of Kuwait who plan to do business in Russia need to apply for a business visa. A special kind of invitation letter must be obtained for that. It can be prepared by a Russian company wishing to invite that person to visit Russia.

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The business visa invitation letter can be obtained by either of these ways:

Only those Russian companies that are authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or FMS are allowed to make their own invitation letters for foreign citizens. In this case, the invitation letter is a request made to the Russian Embassy on behalf of the foreign citizen urging said authority to grant a business visa to him/her.

To obtain an FMS-approved invitation letter, an application should be made at the FMS. Following the mandatory screening procedure (made to reveal any records of previous violations or deportations), the FMS shall issue an official invitation letter printed on the standard form.

Telex invitations are considered to be the easiest and most convenient way to obtain a business visa invitation. Telex is a special communication channel serving to connect the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the Russian Embassies located abroad. When used for this purpose, a message is being sent via Telex instructing the Embassy officials to issue a visa to the particular person. The person who applies at the Embassy will need to provide a Telex number, which he/she should receive from his/her Russian partner.

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A business visa can be valid for a period up to 1 year. It can be single-, double-, or multiple-entry.

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Russian Work Visa Requirements for Kuwaiti Citizens

Russian work visas permit their holders to stay in Russia for 1 year. This type of visa can be applied for if there's a Russian company wishing to employ you. The Russian company employing a foreign person must be in possession of a valid permit to do so.

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It is the employer's responsibility to prepare all the documents required for your visa procedure. You will need to receive two papers from your employer: a work permit and an invitation. Having these documents, you can make an appointment at the Embassy.

Russian work visas are valid for one year. Holders of this type of visa can renew their visas for another year. 

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Russian Electronic Visa from Kuwait

An electronic visa (hereinafter referred to as "e-visa") is a new type of a visa document. A visa invitation to Russia is not required for obtaining an e-visa. To obtain an e-visa to Russia use our “E-visa to Russia” service.

An e-visa can be only single-entry. The permitted stay in Russia on an e-visa is up to 8 days from the date of entry within its validity period.

The validity period and/ or permitted stay on an e-visa cannot be extended. To obtain an e-visa a foreign citizen needs a digital passport photo and a completed application form containing full and valid data at the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

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In compliance with the Russian Government Regulation, Kuwait is currently not listed among the foreign states eligible for an e-visa.

We recommend citizens of Kuwait obtaining a common tourist visa for a stay up to 30 days.

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Russian Consular Offices in Kuwait

Citizens of Kuwait can apply for their visa at the following consular offices:

Russian Embassy Locations in Kuwait

  • The Embassy of the Russian Federation in the State of Kuwait

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