What is a Russian visa invitation letter issued on the FMS form?

Invitation to Russia issued on the FMS form is the most common way of arranging visa invitations. This type of invitation can be obtained at the territorial office of the Federal Migration Service. In order to do that, the inviting party should file an application at the FMS office. Both an individual and a legal entity are allowed to file such applications. 

For that, an individual should apply at an office of the FMS at the place of his/her residence. A visa invitation issued on the FMS form that is valid for up to 3 months can be obtained upon a request from an individual. 

A legal entity is expected to apply for a visa invitation at the place of the registration. Legal entities are allowed to apply for invitations issued on the FMS form in support of private, business, study and work visas.

Each FMS form has an individual number. Also, an individual number of the invitation will be indicated. The invitation will be given after a number of checks will be made to investigate whether the foreign person has a history of previous penalty duties, deportations or convictions. The application will be refused where such violations will be found.

Russian Business Visa Invitation issued on the FMS - Quick overview:

Period of stay: 90 days (up to 1 years)
Entries: Multiple entry
Processing time: 7-21 days
Price:   $105 USD - Get Invitation

Invitations to Russia for a foreigner issued on the FMS form contain the following information:

  • foreign person's passport data
  • purpose of the visit to the Russian Federation and the type of visa he/she is applying for
  • desired validity and the number of entries of the visa
  • travel route (no more than 5 cities the foreigner plans to visit)
  • information about the inviting party
  • If the foreign national travels with children (younger than 16 y.o.), their personal data shall be specified in the special box
  • validity period of the invitation
  • legal name of the body that issued the invitation
  • number of the invitation
  • number of the FMS form
  • seal of the issuing authority (FMS) and signature of the official person
  • invitation issue date
  • Additional information (for citizens of the high migration risk countries) may include the applicant's domestic passport number and the place where his/her visa has been granted.

When submitting the package of documents for a visa application, some Consulates accept a copy of the invitation issued on the FMS form, however most offices require the original invitation. This is why it is recommended to send the invitation to the foreign national by mail as soon as it will be obtained.

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In addition to providing the invitation, it is necessary to fill out the application form, pay the consular fee and submit the relevant package of documents (see the list of required documents on the website of the Russian Embassy) when applying for a visa at the Consulate. Citizens of the high migration risk countries are advised to prepare a guarantee letter issued by the inviting party when filing an application at the Consulate.

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To obtain an invitation, you will need:

  • copy of the foreign citizen's passport
  • copy of his/her previous Russian visa(s) (if available)
  • completed application form
  • copy of a child's (or children's) birth certificate (if the foreign person travels to Russia with a child or children)
  • copy of his/her residence permit (if the applicant intends to apply for the Russian visa in a country, which is not his/her country of citizenship).

How to get Russian business visa invitation letter from FMS?

Consider taking these three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Fill out the form
  • Step 2: Pay by credit card or via PayPal
  • Step 3: Get your Russian FMS invitation

Arrange a business visa invitation to Russia issued on the FMS form for foreign citizens

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