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To visit friends in Russia, to plunge into the culture and life of this country, to see the sights, visit museums and explore the architecture, it is necessary that you get a tourist visa.

What is a Russian tourist visa?

Tourist visa is a document which allows foreign citizens to travel on the territory of Russia during a short period (up to 30 days) to get acquainted with the sights of the country. Visa is issued based on a supporting invitation letter issued by a tourist company that hosts the foreign citizen.

Russian Tourist Visa - Quick overview

Period of stay: 1-30 days
Entries: Single or Double entry
Invitation price: $15 USD - Get Invitation Online

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How to Get Russian Tourist Visa?

To do this, it is necessary to obtain a tourist visa invitation first. Then provide a full package of documents to the consular office of Russia and pay the visa application fee. The package of documents might differ depending on a consular office. However, tourist visa application, original passport and photos are a universal requirement.

Before you apply, contact the Consulate to confirm the original tourist visa invitation is absolutely necessary or a copy will be sufficient. Be prepared that the Consulate officials may ask you to provide medical insurance for the entire duration of the trip to Russia, acquired at a local or national insurance company.

Depending on the Consulate, your tourist visa application can take 1-2 weeks to process. Based on a personal decision of Consul, visa can be granted in 1-2 days.

How to renew a Russian visa?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to extend a tourist visa. However, in some exceptional cases, such as emergency treatment or other force majeure situations, visa can be extended.

Learn more about the general principle of extension of visas: Applying for Russian visa for a foreigner

Travel Duration Available to Holders of Tourist Visa

Russian tourist visa is issued for a period of up to 30 days. If an applicant is requesting a visa for a period of more than 2 weeks, the Consulate officials may request confirmation of the hotel for the duration of your intended stay in the Russian Federation as well as your travel itinerary.

If the validity of this type of visa is not suitable for your for any reason, you can find other types of visas.

Learn more: Types of visa invitations to visit Russia.

Registration of Foreign Citizens

All foreign citizens are obligated to complete the temporary registration procedure within 7 days following their arrival to Russia. Each foreign person is given a migration card with the date of his/her crossing the border indicated in it. 

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Consular fee 

The amount of the consular fee charged for processing tourist visa application documents, depends on the applicant's nationality. They are determined by bilateral interstatal agreements.
For example, the citizens of Schengen countries are charged a visa fee of EUR 35 for processing visa application within 4-10 days and 70 euros for a minimum clearance of up to 3 days. Citizens of the United States and Canada must pay the application fee when applying for a tourist visa at the rate of $ 140 for a 4-10 days processing time and $ 250 if they need to have their visa application considered within 3 days.

Procedure of Executing Visa Invitations to Russia for Foreign Citizens

Apply for a Visa Invitation

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