What is an invitation letter to Russia?

Visa invitation letter to Russia — is a document which acts as the basis for obtaining a Russian visa. It is also sometimes referred to as visa support. An invitation may be issued by a licensed Russian-based organization, accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and assigned with a reference number. Invitations can also be arranged by Russian companies or individuals by contacting a local Department of Immigration and Visa Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (OVIR). 

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An invitation letter determines which organization or a intitution will be responsible for a foreign citizen applying for a visa to stay on the Russian territory. Foreign nationals of most countries , including all citizens of the EU, United States, Japan, countries of Africa and Asia, etc. are required to obtain a visa to visit Russia.

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The following types of visa invitations exist in Russia:

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How to obtain an invitaion letter to Russia?

Depending on the purpose of the trip, a foreign person is expected to obtain a certain type of visa and, accordingly, a specific type of invitation in order to enter Russia. DIfferent types of invitations are issued in different organizations.

Russian Tourist visa invitation

A tourist visa is issued to foreign travelers who plan to stay in Russia for a period not exceeding 30 days. This type of visa invitation permits a single or double entry.

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This type of invitation is needed to obtain a tourist visa. Validity  period of this type of visa may not be extended. The dates, during which the holder can enter and leave the country, are not flexible. Tourist visa invitation is the fastest, easiest and cheapest kind of Russian visa invitations to obtain Russian visa. Tourist invitation letter consist of a Tourist voucher and confirmation.

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Russian Group tourist invitation letter

Group tourist visa can be offered to a group of more than 7 persons who intend to apply for their visa at the same Consulate or Embassy of the Russian Federation together at the same time. To obtain this type of visa, all members of the group must have the same itinerary and travel dates. Invitation for a group tourist visa consists of a tourist voucher, a hotel reservation confirmation and a list of all members of the group with their passport data specified.

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Tour tickets for tourists who travel in a cruise ship

We offer special tickets,which are similar to Russian visas, to tourists who arrive in Russia on a cruise ship, provided the tourists intend to stay not more than 72 hours in the city of destination (Saint Petersburg). These tour tickets are valid only if the tourists are accompanied by a licensed guide, who is accredited and authorized by the the port authority officials.

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Russian Business invitation letter

This type of Russian visa is designed for foreign visitors who wish to come to Russia for business purposes.This type of visa is also a great option for those foreigners who would like their travel dates to be more flexible or those who would need to spend more than 30 days in Russia. This type of visa can be single, double or multiple. Business visa (as well as the invitation) can be granted only to those persons who have a permanent employment contract outside the Russian Federation. There are 3 types of visa support documents necessary for applying for a business visa: the original invitation, the Telex invitation and the letter of invitation from an organization.

Invitation from an organization

Invitation letter from an organization – is a document which acts as the basis for obtaining a business visa, which allows you to stay on the Russian territory continiously for up to 90 days. While business visa can be issued for the period up to 5 years. Such document can be issued by an organization accredited in the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation.

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Invitatation letter on the Federal Migration Service's letterhead

Invitatation letter on the FMS letterhead – is the most common way to issue invitations. It is possible to obtain such invitation in the territorial section of the Federal Migration Service. In order to do it, an inviting party must make a request to the FMS. A legal entity accredited in the FMS can make such request.

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Russian invitation letter from the Ministry of foreign affairs by Telex

Russian invitation letter by Telex – is an order which sends through the special communication channel from the Ministry of foreign affairs of Russia to a certain embassy or a consular section abroad. In this order is an information that a certain foreign citizen can obtain Russian visa and visit the Russian Federation. Legal entity which is accredited in the Ministry of foreign affairs can make a request for sending an invitation by Telex.

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Russian private visa invitation letter

It is issued by the FMS at the place of residence of the Russian citizen who wants to invite a foreigner to visit Russia. We do not recommend using this type of Russian visa and do not offer assistance in obtaining it. Arranging a private visa requires a lot of time, because the citizen of the Russian Federation inviting the foreigner to visit Russia is required to attend the FMS office in person. He/she will have to wait in line and pay the state fees in the bank.

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Please note! We do not recommend using a private visa!
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We recommend using a tourist visa instead of a private visa. The tourist visa invitation and the visa itself is much easier, faster and cheaper to get. If it is necessary to stay in Russia more than 30 days, we recommend you to apply for a business visa.

Russian work visa invitation letter

Work visa is issued by the employer with whom the foreign person has an employment contract signed (or plans to do so). Our company does not assist in arranging work visas to Russia. Perhaps you may use a tourist visa to find an employer in Russia.

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Is invitation necessary for obtaining a transit visa?

Invitation is not required for transit visa. Such visas can be issued on the basis of an airline or train ticket (for example, to passengers of Trans-Siberian  railway).

A transit visa is issued to foreign citizens who travel through the territory of the Russian Federation on their way to their country of destination. If, traveling in transit through Russia, you are going to spend less than 24 hours on its territory and do not intend to leave the transit area of the airport, no visa is required for this kind of trip. In any other case, you need to apply for a transit visa. To obtain such a visa, you must submit your passport with a visa of the country of destination stamped in it to the Consulate or Embassy of the Russian Federation – along with a copy of your airline or train ticket. For more information, please contact the Russian Consulate or Embassy in your country. 

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