To become employed in the Russian Federation a foreign person must obtain a work visa allowing him to legally work, get paid and remain on the territory of Russia until the end of its duration. 

But in so doing, the foreigner is entitled to work only in the company specified in his/her visa. In order to apply for a visa to work for another employer, it's necessary to leave the country and re-go through the whole process of visa preparation.

What is a work visa to Russia?

Work visa is a document which allows a foreign person to stay on the territory of Russia for a long time (1 year or 3 years) continuously. This type of visa is issued to a citizen who got a job in a Russian company.

Russian Work Visa - Quick overview:

Period of stay: 1-3 years
Entries: Multiple entry
Invitation price: Call or Get Tourist Invitation Online

Key issues the applicant should be aware of when applying for a work visa:

Features of Work Visa

Work visas are not subject to limitation under which a foreign citizen can only stay in Russia for 3 months within every 6 months. Regular work has a 1 year validity, while the visas for highly skilled foreign professionals may be valid for up to 3 years . The number of entries and exits is not limited for the holder of a work visa for the whole period of its validity.

How to renew a business visa?

Extending a work visa is possible, without leaving the country.

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If the validity of this type of visa does not suit you for some reason, please consider other types of visas.

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Required Documents for Work Visa

In each individual case, at every stage of work visa application process a different package of documents is required. To receive an invitation, necessary for obtaining a work visa, you need:

  • copy of the foreign citizen's passport with a Russian translation certified by a Notary Public
  • copy of the diploma, certifying the foreign citizen's qualification (with a Russian translation certified by a Notary Public)
  • two 3×4 cm photos
  • completed application form .

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To obtain this type of visa, you will need to present to present the following documents to the Russian Consulate:

How to get Russian Working Visa

The following steps must be taken by a foreign citizen in order to obtain a work visa:

  1. To attract workers who are nationals of a foreign country, the employer must obtain a quota. To do this, the employer must submit company information to the State Employment Service and in due time apply to the FMS requesting a permission to attract foreign professionals.
  2. The employer must apply to the authorized state body for registration of individual work permits for a particular foreign national. 
  3. Thereafter, the employer must submit the required documents requesting an invitation in support of a work visa.
  4. After that, the letter of invitation and work permit should be sent by mail to the foreign worker, who is expected to submit these papers to the consular office as part of a package of documents required to apply for a work visa.

The foreign person can also arrange a work visa for the members of his/her family. Their visas will have a "Accompanying family member" indication under the column labeled "Purpose of the visit".

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Work Visa Fees

The process of preparing the documents and applying for visa requires a great deal of time and effort. Our company provides assistance in preparation of the documents required for obtaining a work visa.  We  also help submit and take out your documents. Don't hesitate to ask us any questions you may have regarding the work visa application process.

Need help in obtaining a work visa invitation?

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# sudhabhatti 2016-08-23 09:14
Hi.i would like to make foreigner company in Moscow. I am Vietnamese i am working in Moscow now
# GoingRus Team 2016-08-31 06:32
Quoting sudhabhatti:
Hi.i would like to make foreigner company in Moscow. I am Vietnamese i am working in Moscow now

Dear Sudhabhatti,

Thank you for your comment and interest in our company.

I'm sorry but I do not quite understand your message. Please kindly clarify the question for us to assist you.

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# Nathan 2017-04-24 19:58
Hi im Nathan from Indonesia. I would like to ask few question:
1. How long to process working visa in Russia?
2. May i know i someone invited to Russia by using business visa for 3 month, after that he/she suddenly change the visa into workin visa. Should that person going back to his/her country or can stay in Russia during the process?
Thank you
# Andre 2017-05-09 14:46
Good day.

I got an offer from a company in Russia, I just like to know, do I have to pay for the work permit or is that the companies responsibilty
# GOING RUS travel 2017-05-21 10:59
Quoting Nathan:
Hi im Nathan from Indonesia. I would like to ask few question:

Dear Nathan,

Thank you for the comment on our website.

Unfortunately we don't issue invitations for work permit.

To apply for work visa you should leave Russian Federation. The visa can not be extended in Russia.

Best regards,

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GOING RUS travel
# Jane 2017-06-01 05:59
Hi im jane, is there a working visa renewal here in moscow?
# Girish 2019-06-15 06:24
I want job in Russia
# Siddhaarth Sharma 2019-07-11 15:16
I already have a private visa.... So which is better conversion of private to work it applying for work visa separately.

I would like to know the procedure as well as costs involved in it.

Eagerly waiting for your reply,

# Rwitabrata 2019-07-17 12:01
I have a job offer from Russia.
I would be travelling from India.

In this regard, can you please let me know the total estimated costs for a 5 year Multiple Entry Work Visa ?

Thanks in advance.

# Saravanan Saravanan 2019-07-29 16:42
Hi sir is m saravanan one year work visa how many days processing
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I am going

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