Do Emiratis need Visa to Russia?

Yes, in order to enter Russia citizens of United Arab Emirates need a visa. To obtain it they must file an application at the Embassy or Consulate of the Russian Federation.

How to Get Russian Visa from UAE?

Applicants are obligated to provide a visa invitation letter, which must be completed in an appropriate manner and sent out via mail by the persons concerned. It is also important that he/she files his/her personal information in the form and pays consular fee.

You would need to choose between four types of Russian visa:

  • Tourist visa is intended for those who travel for tourism and wish to see sights.
  • Private visa is good for visitors who would like to meet Russian friends (however, it is recommended to apply for the tourist visa instead as it is a more easy and reliable way to take a trip to Russia).
  • Electronic visa - for example: short-term trips;
  • Business visa suits the foreign applicants who are concerned in exploring business opportunities of Russia.
  • Work visa is necessary for the citizens of foreign countries who seek to endeavour in career and professional development in Russian enterprises.

Where to apply for a Russian visa in UAE?

You can obtain a visa to Russia in any of the Consulates of the Russian Federation located in UAE (Dubai). See the list of Russian Consulates in UAE, along with their phone numbers and location indicated on this page below.

Russian visas quick comparison

Type of Visa Duration Purpose
Tourist visa 1-30 days Sightseeing, visiting friends in Russia
Electronic visa 8 days Trips for a short period of time
Business visa 30-90 days (up to 5 years) Search of business partners, attending conferences, long trips, long-term visits of friends in Russia
Private visa 30-90 days Official visits to meet with friends in Russia (Not recommended! See why)
Work visa 1-3 years Employment in Russia or permanent residence


Russian Tourist Visa from UAE

Tourist visa is the type of Russian visa which is intended for those citizens of United Arab Emirates who would like to see the sights of Russia. In order to apply for it, a tourist visa support document (letter of invitation) is needed. It can be issued by the travel company that offers trips to the Russian Federation to foreign citizens. The travel agency must have an individual reference number. It means that only those companies that are registered with the Unified Federal Register of Tour Operators of Russia have the right to deliver invitation letters. This type of invitation to visit Russia for Italian can be made within 1 working day.

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The letter of invitation may have any format as it is not subject to any regulations (travel companies usually print letters on their letterhead). The document must specify the name of the travel company, its reference number, foreign applicant’s passport data, the cities the traveller plans to visit and the desired number of entries and other information.

The Consulate officials may request additional documents. When lodging your visa application, it is advised to bring along the documents confirming hotel booking in Russia for the duration of the trip indicated in the letter as well as proof of health insurance and purchased flight ticket.

When issuing invitation letters, travel companies do not perform any checks of the foreign citizen’s relations with the law. However, during the visa application process the person’s legal background will be inspected. For that reason, a foreign tourist, known to have committed serious offences when stay in Russia previously, will be denied a visa. Thus, invitation letter may not ensure the visa will be granted.

The tourist visa for citizens of United Arab Emirates to visit Russia is valid for up to 30 days. It allows either single or double entry.

Get a Tourist Invitation to Russia from UAE

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Russian Private Visa for Emirati citizens

If a citizen of EAU (Dubai) travels with a purpose to visit his/her relatives or friends, he/she should file an application for obtaining a private visa. However, the accepting party must arrange private invitation in form of a letter and mail it out to the visa applicant. A designated government body called FMS (Federal Migration Service) is entitled to issue this type of invitation letters following an application which must be written and then submitted by the inviting party.

Please note! We do not recommend using a private visa!
Find out why: Why not apply for a private visa?

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If a foreign person receives invitation from an individual, that person is expected to claim an invitation letter at the FMS office at the place of his/her residence (or registration). If a citizen of Dubai is offered invitation from a legal entity or corporate body, the application documents should be submitted by its representatives to the FMS office located at the place of its accreditation. It shall be issued on a specific government-approved form with an individual number indicated on it. The document includes passport information of the Dubai citizen, the inviting party’s personal information, the duration of the visa and the number of entries requested. Arranging invitation in support of a private visa is slightly more demanding in terms of effort and takes significantly longer. Some foreign tourists choose to apply for tourist visa instead when planning a visit to Russia for personal reasons.
Processing a private invitation letter requires some time. A foreign citizen, who has violated laws of the Russian Federation in the past, will not be given the invitation letter, nor will he be able to obtain a visa.

Minor citizens of Dubai can also obtain a private visa. The person(s) who accompany him/her must not necessarily be his/her parents. If a minor needs to enter Russia without his/her parents, private visa is the only legal option.

Citizens of Dubai can request a single- or double-entry visa. It allows to stay in Russia for up to 90 days.

Get of a Private (Visitor) Invitation to Russia for Emirati citizens

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Russian Business Visa from UAE

UAE citizens who look forward to visiting the Russian Federation for business-related purposes are obligated to obtain business visa. They must submit a business visa support document in form of a letter, an FMS-issued paper or a Telex message at the Russian Embassy.

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The business visa invitation letter can be obtained by either of these ways:

Invitation letter, formalized on the official form received from the FMS, should be obtained at the authorized government office. The inviting party is expected to request a letter of invitation in support of the visitor party’s business visa.

A Telex message is a directive sent from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) of the Russian Federation. When this form of invitation is used, the foreign applicant is provided a special number. He/she should indicate that number when applying for visa.

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Foreign citizens, who have obtained business visa, are permitted to stay from 30 days to 3 years. This type of visa allows its holder a single, double or multiple entry.

Get a Russian Business Invitation from UAE on the letterhead of an accredited company

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Issuing of a Business Invitation to Russia for Emirati citizens on the FMS form

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Get a Business Invitation to Russia for Emirati citizens by a Telex

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Work visa for Emirati citizens

In order to engage in labor activities, a citizen of Dubai must obtain work visa. Invitation letter for this type of visa should be arranged by the company that offers him/her a work position. It should be noted that the employing company is required to complete a work permit application beforehand.

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The invitation must be issued by the authorized government body on the official FMS-approved paper. The initial work visa is granted for a period of up to 90 days. Upon arrival in Russia, a citizen of Dubai must take a responsibility of completing and retaining the migration card. Further on, that person must extend his/her work visa for a period until the end of the work permit duration.

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Russian Electronic Visa from UAE

An electronic visa (hereinafter referred to as "e-visa") is a new type of a visa document. A visa invitation to Russia is not required for obtaining an e-visa. To obtain an e-visa to Russia use our “E-visa to Russia” service.

An e-visa can be only single-entry. The permitted stay in Russia on an e-visa is up to 8 days from the date of entry within its validity period.

The validity period and/ or permitted stay on an e-visa cannot be extended. To obtain an e-visa a foreign citizen needs a digital passport photo and a completed application form containing full and valid data at the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

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Apply for e-visa     Cost 10.00

Russian consulate in UAE:

Emirati citizens may obtain Russian visa in these Consular centers of the Russian Federation:

Current Addresses of Russian Embassies in UAE

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