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  • What is the difference between the types of invitations
  • What are the advantages of the invitation issued by an organization?
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What is the difference?

Foreign nationals are required to have an invitation to Russia to obtain a business visa to Russia. There are 4 types of invitations for business visa to Russia.

  1. Business invitation from an organization
  2. Original invitation issued on the FMS-approved form
  3. Telex business invitation issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (an instruction from the Russian Foreign Ministry to issue a visa to Russia sent to the Consulate of the Russian Federation)
  4. Electronic Business invitation from the FMS.

It does not matter what type of invitation you will present when applying for a business visa at the Consulate.

We recommend that you choose  a business visa invitation issued by an organization.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. This type, unlike all other types of invitations, can be issued within minutes and sent to you by email instantly after payment. Other types of visas are issued in 7 to 30 working days
  2. The cost of the invitation issued by an organization is lower than for the other types of invitations
  3. Is it not necessary to send the original invitation from an organization by mail to the country where the visa is to be obtained (not available for the citizens of China).
  4. If the applicant held Russian business visas previously, a visa valid for up to 3 years can be granted with an invitation from an organization (up to 5 years in some cases. See the table below).

What are the advantages of the invitation issued by an organization?

Original invitations issued by the FMS, via Telex, or by the Electronic FMS

Invitations Issued by an Organization

  • Takes 7 working days or more
  • High cost
  • An original invitation is required by the FMS
  • The number of Telex invitations are now limited by a quota and the Telex method will be discontinued soon.
  • A visa with a maximum period of validity of not more than 1 year can be obtained
  • Receive it immediately after payment
  • Low cost
  • Does not require sending the original invitation
  • A maximum period of validity of up to 3 years is available (if you have two 3-year visas it is possible to obtain a 5-year visa)


It is wiser to arrange a letter of invitation issued by an organization both in terms of cost and time.

Arranging business visa invitations to Russia for foreign nationals in the form of a letter

Apply for a business visa invitation

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