Student visa is required in order that an international student would be able to stay in Russia during the period of his/her education in Russian educational institutions.

What is a student visa to Russia?

Student visa is a document that permits a foreign citizen or stateless person to reside on the territory of Russia to study at University (or other educational insititution). This type of visa is issued by an educational institution in which you were enrolled for study.

Russian Student Visa - Quick overview:

Period of stay: 1 year
Entries: Multiple entry
Invitation price: Call or Get Tourist Invitation Online

To get a short-term student visa, the validity of which is not more than 90 days, you must prepare a full package of documents and submit them to the Russian Embassy or Consulate. The package includes (all Required):

  • International passport (make sure it contains at least 2 pages not completed with visa stamps. It also must be valid for at least 6 months after the date of departure from Russia)
  • Completed visa application form (a 3,5×4,5 cm photo must be pasted into the allocated place. No corrections and/or erasures are allowed in the form)
  • Invitation from the host organization located in the Russian Federation (original, fax or electronic copy) or a temporary student ID (school card), issued by the Russian educational institution (in case of a short-term student visa)
  • Health insurance valid for the duration of stay in Russia (the medical insurance policy should be purchased only from the companies that have an agreement with Russian partners).

According to the agreement on visa facilitation signed between Russia and the EU, short-stay visas in the presence of a direct invitation are made out in no longer than 7 working days. Persons who apply for student visa are not subject to a consular fee. In the case the invitation is issued by the Federal Migration Service, the visa can be granted urgently (within 48 hours). If a foreign student, graduate student or accompanying teacher requests a visa to the Russian Federation for more than 90 days, the it is necessary to present the original invitation issued by the Federal Migration Service when submitting documents to the Russian Consulate (in this case, the visa can be issued urgently).

In the case, the package of documents is incomplete the foreign citizen will be denied a visa to Russia. The Russian Consulate reserves the right to refuse to issue a visa without explanation.

A student visa can only be obtained by oneself. 

Need help in obtaining a student visa invitation?

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