One can obtain a business visa to Russia, which allows for an unlimited amount of entries to Russia for a foreign national during the entire validity of the visa, only if an invitation for a multiple entry visa (multi-visa) to Russia is submitted. Such invitation to Russia may be issued to foreign nationals for applying for a multiple entry visa and it can be valid for up to 90, 180 or 365 days.  For the citizens of EU and USA, invitations may be issued for obtaining visas that are valid up to 5 years and 3 years respectively. Acquiring the invitation is the inviting party’s obligation. It must be a company that is accredited by the DFMS or the Consular Division of the MFA of the Russian Federation.

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There are three ways to obtain an invitation for a multiple entry visa to Russia:

  • on a DFMS form – a multiple invitation to Russia on a DFMS form may be obtain at a FMS location, where the legal representative (in this case, the inviting side) was accredited.  To acquire an invitation, they must submit all necessary documentation. Afterwards, a background check will be performed on the foreign national to detect any violations of the Russian Federation laws during their previous visits. If any of said violations had occurred, the invitation application will be denied with a letter of explanation provided. If the background check turns out clean, an invitation to Russia for the foreign national will be issued on a government form. This invitation (the original, not the copy) shall then be mailed to the applicant via an international mail courier, since they may be required to submit an original invitation when applying for a visa. Applications for multiple entry visas are usually processed within 17-21 days.

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  • as a letter from an accredited company – a multiple invitation to Russia may be issued in a form of a letter from an accredited organization  (this type of invitation may only be obtained by EU citizens or US citizens). This invitation letter is issued by the inviting organization on their company form and it is basically a petition for obtaining a visa by the submitting foreign national. This letter should be addressed to Russian Consular Division, where one will apply for a visa. This type of invitation only takes 1 day to acquire.

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  • via Telex – a multiple invitation to Russia via Telex  is a message, sent from the MFA of the Russian Federation to the Russian Consulate abroad, using a special communication network. The biggest advantage to obtaining an invitation via Telex is that it will not be necessary to mail the original to the applicant. The applying foreign national will be notified with an individual invitation number and name/address/contact information of the inviting organization (these will be required when filling out a visa application). It will take up to 14 days to obtain an invitation via Telex. 

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If an applying foreign national is a citizen of a migration risk country, it will be a great advantage if they can submit proof of previously issued Russian visas. If an applicant is not a citizen in the country where they are applying for a Russian visa from, they will be required to submit proof of permanent residency permit for this country or proof of work authorization. If the foreign national is planning to travel to Russia with their underage children, they shall submit copies of their birth certificates, when applying for a visa.

Our company can assist you in obtaining a multiple invitation to the Russian Federation. We will need the following:

  • A copy of the passport of an applying foreign national;
  • An application form for issuing an invitation;
  • Copies of previously issued Russian visas (if applicable);
  • A copy of the permanent residency permit (if the foreign national is not applying from their home country);
  • A copy of the birth certificate (if the applicant will be travelling with their child).

Acquire a business invitation to Russia for a foreign national in a letter form

Acquire a business invitation

Acquire a business invitation to Russia for a foreign national on a DFMS form

Acquire a business invitation

Acquire a business invitation to Russian for a foreign national via Telex

Acquire a business invitation

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