If a foreign national wants to travel to Russia to visit their relative, friend or an acquaintance, an invitation to Russia must be acquired on their behalf. Documents for inviting a foreign national to Russia must be submitted in the Russian Embassy abroad.

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Where and how to acquire an invitation to Russia for a foreign national?

There are different methods available for acquiring an invitation. The most preferable option would be applying at a travel agency for obtaining a tourist invitation to Russia. Certain companies can also be of assistance in acquiring a business invitation, which is required for obtaining a business visa. The most difficult invitation to get is the private one.

What is required for acquiring a tourist invitation?

Fill out an application online, pay the fee, receive the invitation via email

Acquire an invitation

Business invitation

For those applying form the EU, USA, Japan or China – fill out an application online, pay the fee, receive the invitation via email.

For all other countries, one must fill out an online application, pay the fee and wait for the invitation to be issued according to terms of application processing.

Acquire an invitation

Private invitation

This is the most complicated process, so we will provide more detailed instructions. First and foremost, we do not recommend acquiring a private invitation.

Acquiring an invitation to Russia for a foreign national can be done at the Department of Federal Migration Services. The inviting party will be required to submit certain documentation. An invitation can be obtained by an individual or a legal entity, as long as they reside in Russia.

Individuals can acquire invitations to Russia for foreign nationals for obtaining visas valid up to 90 days. In order to obtain an invitation for a foreign national, an individual must be of a legal age, be a citizen of the Russian Federation and have a permanent residency permit. 

Warning! We do not recommend using a private visa!
Why not? Learn more: Why is a private visa not your best choice?

To acquire an invitation to Russia for a foreign national, an individual shall apply at their local FMS office and submit the following documents for inviting a foreign national to Russia:

  • Their passport;
  • An application for invitation for the foreign national (2 copies.);
  • Copy of the foreign national’s passport;
  • Letter of guarantee;
  • Proof of income, which shall be sufficient to provide their foreign guest with room and board and cover all possible expenses, including medical ones;
  • Proof of payment of the government fee.

If the foreign national is a citizen of a migration risk country, the inviting individual must undergo an interview at the Federal Migration Services and substantiate the foreign national’s purpose of visit. They may also be required to answer additional questions. In the event of approval, the invitation will be issued within 30 days of applying at the FMS and submitting all the necessary documentation.

If all the documents are in order and the applying foreign national is not banned from entering the Russian Federation, the inviting individual will be issued the invitation on a DFMS form with an assigned personal number.

Upon receiving the invitation, it is the inviting individual’s obligation to deliver it to the foreign national. Once the invitation is delivered, they can proceed with the visa application. This can be done at the Russian Consulate or Embassy. The applicant will need to fill out a visa application, pay the consular fee and submit the supporting documentation.

Acquiring an invitation to Russia for a foreign national can be done by a legal entity – a company, accredited with the Department of Federal Migration Services or the Consular Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Such organizations can assist in acquiring private and business invitations. Citizens of the EU can be issued a business invitation for a visa valid up to 5 years, citizens of the USA – for visas valid up to 3 years; for all other countries – up to 1 year validity.

Acquiring an invitation to Russia for a foreign national online

Acquire an invitation

If you lack time to collect all the required documents and stand in all those long lines for applying for an invitation, you can leave it to our company to assist you in acquiring an invitation to Russian for a foreign national fast.
The following documents will be required:

  • copy of the foreign national’s passport;
  • filled out application – a petition for receiving the invitation;
  • copy of the permanent residency permit (if the foreign national is applying for a visa from a country they are not a citizen of);
  • copy of the birth certificate (if the applicant intends to travel with their child).

After the invitation is issued, it wil be sent to the recipient by one of the international express-mail service couriers: DHL, PonyExpress, EMS.

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