There are many squares and parks, boulevards and avenues in Novosibirsk. The largest park in Novosibirsk, as well as the oldest park in Novosibirsk, is Central. Total Area is 10.5 ha. It is located near the metro station "Lenin Square". It is the largest in the city, and is rightfully the favorite place for recreation of citizens. Park in Novosibirsk at the moment includes a lot of forest plantations and cozy fields.

On the territory of the unique forest area a square of culture and recreation "Zaeltsovsky" is located a short drive from the center. This square in Novosibirsk helps to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. Residents of the metropolis come here families, enjoy nature and peace, and breathe the fresh air, heeding the aromas of flowers. Winding forest paths, relict pines, clean air will help to completely switch to rest, forget about the pressing problems and get away from the hustle and bustle. In the winter, you can have a great time with your family or friendly company; use the rental of skis, skates, a cozy cafe, rollers and skates.

Central Park in Novosibirskе

The history of Novosibirsk Central Park begins with the minutes of the City Council of July 5, 1923, then its project began to be developed. Two years later, the Central Garden was open to visitors.

The first name was the "Cemetery garden ", because of its location on the site of an old cemetery. Later the name was changed to "Central". In the 30s the garden began to bear the name of Stalin. In the 40s it was Stalin Culture and Recreation Park. Finally, in the 60s, it acquired its current name - Central Park of Culture and Recreation.

In the 1930s, the garden occupied 8 hectares, on this territory there was a stage and summer grounds, a physical culture town, a shower, a shooting range and even a solarium for sunbathing. On February 2, 1944 the Park of Culture and Rest named after Stalin on the basis of the garden was organized. In 1952, a planetarium opened in the park, and seven years later the Musical Comedy Theater appeared here. Since 1963, the park has become the "Central". Currently, the park is spread over 10.5 hectares. This is a favorite vacation spot of Novosibirsk and visitors. On its territory there are more than 50 children's and adult attractions and summer cafes. The park constantly hosts major holidays and game and music programs for adults and children.

Address: st. Michurin, 8


Park Birch Grove in Novosibirsk

Birch Grove is a beautiful park in Novosibirsk where you can just take a walk and enjoy a piece of nature in the metropolis.

The park is over 40 years old. The construction of the park began with the development of project documentation for the development of the territory in the Birch Grove area by the Novosibgrazhdanproekt Institute in 1963. Then the green oasis in the Dzerzhinsky District was named Birch Grove.

The pioneers, Komsomol members, the working people of the region, together with the state contractor of the RSU-1 Remstroi Trust, set about improving the park. Works on landscaping the park took place from September 1965 to June 1970. On September 30, 1970 by the decision of the Novosibirsk City Executive Committee the park was commissioned. By the decision number 169 “On the opening of the park of culture and recreation“ Birch Grove ”- the improvement of the park was taken into constant operation from July 1, 1971. This is the birthday of the beloved citizens of the park "Birch Grove". In the early 2000s, it was reconstructed. Now on the territory there are family and children's attractions, a concert and sports grounds, the Balu Forest Extreme Park, gazebos with barbecues, a skating rink flooded during the cold season. In the summer, there is a rental shop for velomobiles, bicycles and roller skates, in winter, for skates and skis, there is an opportunity to ride a Buran snowmobile. Snack visitors can in one of the many cafes.

Address: st. Planetnaya, 53


Park Sosnovy Bor in Novosibirsk

Sosnovy Bor is a natural park that forms the largest green area in the Kalininsky district of Novosibirsk. On the territory of the park are located: the sports complex "North", the paintball club "Imperia.Com", equestrian school. The main purpose of the park is a place for recreation with attractions and cultural events.

The recreation park "Sosnovy Bor" was opened in 1976 by the decision of the Committee of the City Council of Workers' Deputies. Its area is equal to one hundred hectares. This is a great place for a big company or family vacation. There are old trees, clean air and a wonderful choice of entertainment for people of all ages. Festivals and cultural events for citizens are regularly held on the territory. It is planned to build a Rotary Park with game and sports grounds.

Address: Uchitelskaya st., 49


Zaeltsovsky Park in Novosibirsk

Recreation Park "Zaeltsovsky" is one of the oldest parks in the city, considered the "green pearl" of Novosibirsk. Its history is inextricably linked with the main milestones in the development and formation of the Zaeltsovsky district.

With the transformation of Novonikolayevsk into Novosibirsk (February 12, 1926), the appearance of the city gradually changed. Plans for the "capital of new Siberia" were ambitious. Particular attention was paid to greening the city. Squares, boulevards, parks, as conceived by the architects, were supposed to decorate Novosibirsk, turning it into a "garden city". At that time there was not much greenery in the city: only the Sosnovka, Svoboda, Alhambra, Turukhanovo and Starokladbishchensky groves gardens. But for Yeltsovka was a good bor. It was decided to adapt it for the rest of the public, having organized Zaeltsovsky country park.

The territory of the park is so large that it is better to come here early or immediately for the whole day. But it’s impossible to walk along the Ob’s embankment, sit in a cafe, visit an open-air cinema, and ride all the rides in one day. For children, not only observation of animals and nature is available here, but also a special railway with three stations. The park has a lot of birches and pines, which refreshes the area and gives it a picturesque view. On the paved alleys you can meet athletes and people walking their dogs, and on the green area there are a lot of tourists.

Address: Zaeltsovsky Park


Park "City Beginning" in Novosibirsk

Park "City Beginning" is located on the waterfront between the railway and municipal bridges. Here you can see one of the historical landmarks of the city - the farm of the old historic bridge, from which construction in 1893 began its history Novosibirsk.

Over time, the bridge construction was worn out and outdated. Therefore, in 2000, it was almost completely dismantled and in its place was built a new one that meets modern requirements. From the old building remained only supports and coastal mounds. Even in memory of the first railway bridge across the Ob, they retained one of its span structures. As a museum exhibit, it was installed on the Ob Embankment near the new bridge. And it was decided to turn part of the embankment and adjoining territory into a park. And to name this park as a sign of the fact that it was from this place that Novosibirsk began to grow and develop, the “City Beginning”.

Currently it is one of the youngest parks in the city. Perhaps, due to its youth, it is still difficult to compete with the old city parks in terms of the level of improvement. Next to the farm of the bridge there are several convenient viewing platforms, from which you can see another attraction of the city - the floating fountain on the Ob River.

Address: Ob River Embankment


Park "Bugrinskaya Grove" in Novosibirsk

In 1970, the Bugrinskaya Grove recreation park was organized in the southern part of the vast birch forest. In 2014, the reconstruction of the park began: an observation deck was built overlooking the Bugrinsky Bridge, a children's playground was made and the stage, an entrance styled as an arch of the Bugrinsky Bridge was installed, lighting and fencing appeared.

Bugrinskaya Grove is a natural park area and a favorite leisure place for residents of the left bank. Bugrinskaya Grove is a wonderful place, here in the winter you can ski and in summer take a walk through the forest to the beach and sunbathe.

The park is located in the Kirovsky district of Novosibirsk. The Bugrinsky Bridge adjoins the park from the north-west side, there are beaches from the north-east of the park, and there is a descent from the park’s territory. From the south-west side there are residential and administrative buildings, here (on Savva Kozhevnikov Street), and the main entrance to the park is located.

Address: St. Savva Kozhevnikov, 39


Dendrological Park in Novosibirsk

Dendrological Park is a natural monument of regional significance, located in Novosibirsk, in Zaeltsovsky district. The park covers an area of more than 130 hectares and is under state protection.

The dendrological park as an important natural monument was officially approved only in 1997, but it was formed long ago - in the middle of the twentieth century. Today it is one of the largest nature conservation zones in the Novosibirsk Region.

In the last years of the new decade, beginning in 2010, work has been resumed on preserving the collection part of the Dendropark and the historic forest in Zaeltsovsky Bor, thanks to the initiative group of caring people. Currently, in the park you can find more than 167 species of trees, shrubs, semi-shrubs from different continents of the Earth: Europe and Asia (33%), North America (17%) and Japan (26%). Grow and very rare species. The Red Book of the Novosibirsk Region includes 7 species of plants. In addition, the Dendrological Park is a favorite place for walks of residents of Novosibirsk. In winter, skiers train here, and in summer the park is filled with outdoor jogging enthusiasts. The dendrological park is a very beautiful and quiet place that attracts all nature lovers. The abundance of greenery is pleasing to the eye, and the air saturated with oxygen has a positive effect on well-being.

Address: st. Zhukovsky 100


Park of tropical butterflies in Novosibirsk

A wonderful butterfly park in Novosibirsk will acquaint tourists with the fascinating world of tropical butterflies. The exhibition "In the World of Butterflies" is located in the shopping and entertainment center "Flagman".

In this amazing place, bright tropical butterflies fly between visitors to the exhibition. On an interesting tour you can learn a lot about tropical plants and butterflies. The creators of the exhibition provided a climate that is as close as possible to the natural habitats of butterflies: the room temperature is maintained at + 28 + 30 ° C and 80% humidity, as well as very bright lighting. In addition to butterflies, in this unique place you can see other inhabitants of tropical fauna: scorpions, spiders, iguanas and others. The main advantage of this exhibition is the ability to examine animals and insects in detail and even take pictures with them.

Address: Vokzalnaya highway, 8 B


Recreation Park named after S.M. Kirov in Novosibirsk

The only in the Leninsky district recreation park named after S.M. Kirov is located at the beginning of Stanislavsky street. Here, back in the 30s, it was planned to create a broad forest-park strip along the Siberian railway to separate the future residential town from the industrial zone. It was managed to lay only a small park of poplars, maples and other types of trees.

The Kirov Culture and Recreation Park was founded by the workers of industrial enterprises of the Kirov district in 1923 and was called the Svoboda Garden Club. By the decision of the City Council, the park in 1936 was renamed the Kirov Garden.

Currently, the Park is one of the best Municipal parks in the city. The park is entered in the register of the All-Union Book of Honor, in the Golden Book of the Novosibirsk Region “Establishment of the Year”, winner of seven Gold medals for participating in the city competition at the Siberian Fair “Flowers, Gardens and Parks of Siberia”.

Address: l. Stanislavsky, 1A


Central Siberian Botanical Garden in Novosibirsk

The basis for the future Central Siberian Botanical Garden was created by a collection of plants and fruit trees, established in 1946 in one of the parks of Novosibirsk. The interest in the preservation and development of this collection, as well as the growth of research activities in the field of botany, led to the fact that a separate territory was allocated for the Botanical Garden in Akademgorodok of Novosibirsk with a total area of more than a hectare.

It was there since 1964 that the Botanical Garden has been located, which not only attracts visitors to the unique natural environment created here, but is also one of the largest scientific centers. An important area of educational work of the Novosibirsk Botanical Garden is the education and training of qualified personnel for institutes and research institutes of Novosibirsk and the region. Gradually, the main greenhouse building, laboratories and outbuildings for research activities, warehouses, production facilities, as well as greenhouses were built on the allocated area.

Address: Zolotodolinskaya St., 101


Narymsky Square in Novosibirsk

Narymsky Square is one of the most popular places for walking in Novosibirsk, located a few minutes’ walk from the center. Here you can not only enjoy the abundance of greenery, but also explore several monuments dedicated to important events in the history of the city. The most popular of these are the stela to victims of radiation catastrophes, accidents and nuclear weapons tests, opened here in 1996, and a monument dedicated to victims of political repression, designed by architect A.A. Bernov.

It is a green oasis in the middle of the city, which is perfect for relaxing. In 1996, a stele was installed on its territory for victims of radiation catastrophes, accidents and nuclear weapons tests, and a monument to victims of political repression is also located here.

Visitors can stroll through the shady alleys, along which they set up benches, ride horses and play tennis. For kids playground is equipped. In 2006, a reconstruction was carried out, during which new trees and shrubs were planted, flower beds were broken, walkways were ennobled, and a fountain was installed with lighting. There are regularly held various cultural events of the city with the participation of local musicians and dancers.

Address: st. Chelyuskintsev, 93


Pervomaysky Square in Novosibirsk

In 1935, in the very center of the bustling young city of Novosibirsk, a small cozy square with the spring name of Pervomaysky, recognized as one of the business cards of the megalopolis, was settled.

Pervomaysky Square owes its beautiful and at the same time laconic views, including fountains, flower beds and alleys, to the inspiration of Soviet architect Vladimir Teitel. So, with the light hand of the master, after receiving the status of an administrative center by Novosibirsk, the pre-revolutionary Fair Square that previously existed at this place was transformed into a park loved by the townspeople

The improvements to the square did not end there. Over the years, he continued to be filled and made out with the help of beautiful flower beds, new plants and not only. For example, after a series of annual symposia of stone sculptures, marble sculptures on the theme of “Peace”, “Love”, as well as the sculpture “King and Queen” appeared in the square. In 2000, a small monument of pink tuff - Khachkar (“cross-stone”), presented to the city by the Armenian diaspora, was installed here.

Over time, Pervomaysky Square became a platform for other creative projects. In particular, various youth events and holidays are constantly taking place here, Novosibirsk activists and fighters for their interests like to organize rallies and actions, and the townspeople have chosen places in the public garden for morning exercises and yoga. In addition, every winter Square takes part in the Siberian festival of snow sculpture.

Address: Red Avenue, 23


Square "40 Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War" in Novosibirsk

Square "40 Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War" is a small green park for walking and recreation. This square was opened in 1985 in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Great Victory of the Soviet people over the German fascist invaders in the Great Patriotic War. It is located in the Kalininsky district of the city of Novosibirsk near the Gorky House of Culture.

The paths in the square are paved with paving slabs, and in the center there are flower beds. Here, mothers with strollers and elderly people living nearby love to walk.

Address: st. Dusi Kovalchuk, 210


Pavlovsky Square in Novosibir

Pavlovsky Square in Novosibirsk named after Pavel Semenovich Vlasov, the former director of the Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant. An exquisite place to walk, as well as lovers, and students of children: there is an opportunity to enjoy nature and the freshness of the air and cling to history, as it is an important part of us all, to honor those who died in World War II.

Pavlovsky Square got its name not so long ago, a dozen years. The square is constantly updated in terms of changing and planting new flowers, flower beds and reconstruction of avenues and arches. What else attracts residents to the square is the fact that various exhibitions, presentations and concerts are held here. Also, parents can ride their kids on horseback, and buy a souvenir as a souvenir, as well as handicrafts: soap, jewelry, glass and clay products. And there is also a playground, and a place for gymnastics and jogging.

Address: 25 years of October Street


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