Yekaterinburg theaters are creative venues where you can see classical, children's, experimental productions and, of course, the best foreign troupes performances.

The city has more than twenty major theater venues, many groups and performances are widely known not only in other cities of Russia, but also in Europe: they often go on tour and participate in international theater festivals.

The repertoires of theaters in Yekaterinburg include performances for children (there is even a unique philharmonic project for the smallest “At the Concert in the Sliders”), dramas, comedies, dance performances, puppet shows, opera masterpieces, ballet, famous provincial dances and Nikolai Kolyad's performances. Interesting classical and modern productions from student groups, as well as from "Volkhonka" and Musical Comedy, theatrical evenings and New Year trees in the House of the actor are held there. Be sure to visit the recently updated TIA.

  1. Yekaterinburg State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater

The Opera and Ballet Theater is one of the main cultural attractions of Yekaterinburg. The performances of the theater and its artists are known far beyond the Sverdlovsk region and invariably impress the audience, who sometimes come to their favorite performances more than once.

The Academic Opera and Ballet Theater in Yekaterinburg has a rich history, because it is one of the oldest opera houses in Russia. It was possible to go to the opera in Yekaterinburg long before the appearance of the well-known theater to everyone: metropolitan opera singers came to the Urals in the middle of the 19th century and performed on the stage of the first Municipal Theater in the building of the present-day cinema "Coliseum".

The opera was beloved by townspeople, and in 1874 by the forces of the fans of this genre, a music group was organized, whose members independently created opera productions and mastered scores.

Own Opera Theater in Yekaterinburg was built in 1912 by the project of architect V. N. Semenov. The building is made in the style of classical theaters in Vienna and Odessa. At the same time, the theater opened its first season - the opera “Life for the Tsar” by composer Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka. And the first ballet was “The Magic Flute” by Riccardo Drigo, which the townspeople were able to see two years later.

Address: Ave. Lenin, 46A

  1. Sverdlovsk State Academic Theater of Musical Comedy in Yekaterinburg

Sverdlovsk State Academic Theater of Musical Comedy was founded in 1933 with the play “Rose-Marie”. This is one of the main theaters of Russia in the genre of musical comedy, operetta and musical.

The troupe was created on the basis of touring actors from Ukraine and Leningrad, as well as graduates of the Moscow Ballet School. In addition to the classics, the theater mastered the modern repertoire. The theater went on tour throughout the country. In 1986, the theater received the status of "academic" - It was the first theater of operetta, which received this title.

Currently, the Sverdlovsk Theater of Musical Comedy occupies an honorable place in the Golden Fund of Russian Culture. The repertoire of the theater is designed for all age categories and is very diverse. The theater introduces the inhabitants of the city to art, conducting various events, for example, a competition of young talents.

Address: Ave. Lenin, 47

  1. Sverdlovsk State Academic Drama Theater in Yekaterinburg

The Yekaterinburg Drama Theater puts on a variety of performances, from classical dramas to vaudevilles. It is located in a picturesque part of the city, on the Iset River embankment.

The own Drama Theater in Yekaterinburg opened in 1930 with the premiere of the play “The First Horse”, staged after the play by Vishnevsky. During the Great Patriotic War, the Drama Theater staged performances for military units leaving for the front. In the postwar period, under the influence of censorship, it was reoriented to the production of plays by a limited circle of Soviet writers.

In the 70s, the theater was actively developing, taking Moscow tours. Sverdlovsk Drama Theater became Academic in 1977.

Address: Octyabrskaya square, 2

  1. Ekaterinburg Municipal Theater for Young Spectators

The Ekaterinburg Youth Theater is not limited to working with children and young people, it is also interesting as a center for innovation and creativity, constantly evolving and implementing interesting projects. Behind the building of the Theater for Young People there is Kharitonovsky Garden - one of the coziest city parks where you can walk before the performance and feed the ducks.

Sverdlovsk Youth Theater was created in the spring of 1930, initially as a mobile theater. The first actor troupe numbered 24 people was formed with the assistance of the Moscow Theater and personally the director and actor Yuri Koritsky, the first artistic director of the new Theater for Young People.

The theater was opened on March 30, 1930 with the premiere of the dramatic performance for children “Fiery” based on a play by Lyudmila Vasilievna Vepritskaya. Recently, the Theater for Young Spectators has been restored and opened in an updated form on November 18, 2014.

Address: st. Karl Liebknecht, 48

  1. Ekaterinburg Municipal Puppet Theater

The Yekaterinburg Puppet Theater is known for its most interesting performances for children and adults - performances of various genres and forms.

The puppet theater in Yekaterinburg appeared in 1932 on the basis of the TYuZ that already existed at that time. The performance “Letter from Italy” became the premiere for the theater. Without permanent private premises, the theater worked for more than 30 years, during which time the composition of the troupe changed, performances were staged at the venues of other theaters or in very cramped conditions.

In 1964, the Sverdlovsk Puppet Theater finally settled in a separate building on Mamin-Sibiryak Street - the first purpose-built puppet theater in the USSR.

As a result of the reconstruction of 1996-1998, the theater received the necessary technical equipment, the halls, workshops and rehearsal rooms were repaired, the fifth floor was built on. A new memorable emblem appeared at the theater; it was created by the artist of the Sverdlovsk Film Studio A. N. Zolotukhin.

Address: st. Mamin-Sibiryak, 143

  1. Ural State Variety Theater in Yekaterinburg

The Variety Theater in Yekaterinburg, located near the Square of 1905, appeared not so long ago - the decree on its creation was signed in 1996.

This is a large concert venue for Russian and foreign stars and groups, a place to open and hold festivals, international forums, and other cultural and economically significant meetings and events.

In 2010, at this theater site, the only children's variety theater in Yekaterinburg, which quickly became popular, appeared. Currently, it is engaged in more than 500 children of different ages: coverage from 3 to 17 years. Casting for young artists is held annually.

Address: March, 8 St., 15

  1. Chamber Theater of the United Museum of Ural Writers in Yekaterinburg

Chamber Theater is engaged in staging only classical works, paying special attention to the Ural literature. The building of the theater itself deserves attention, albeit a very new one in comparison with other theater platforms of the city. The chamber theater resembles a tower and complements the appearance of a literary quarter.

The Chamber Theater in the Literary Quarter was opened in 1998. The idea of ​​the theater at the Museum of Writers of the Urals appeared in the mid-80s, a separate building designed by the architect A. A. Ptashnik was built for 12 years. The premiere play "The Stone Flower" after the stories of Bazhov is now the hallmark of the Yekaterinburg Chamber Theater.

Address: st. Proletarskaya 18

  1. The Municipal Ballet Theater “Nutcracker” in Yekaterinburg

The Nutcracker is the only ballet theater in Russia where full-length performances are regularly staged, in which all roles are performed by children artists.

A unique children's theater based on a choreographic studio was created in 1988 by the Honored Art Worker, choreographer Mikhail Kogan. The premiere - at that time still at the site of the Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet - was the ballet staging of the tale “Buzzy-Wuzzy Busy Fly”, where children performed on a par with adult artists.

The Nutcracker Theater in Yekaterinburg received its own building in 2009, which made it possible to expand the training and rehearsal center and implement new projects, to host and hold festivals. Currently, there is a classical ballet school in which the best teachers of the region teach the basics of young Yekaterinburg ballet.

Address: March, 8 St., 104

  1. Educational Theater of Yekaterinburg State Theater Institute

The Educational Theater is a creative platform at the Theater Institute, where the actors have full-fledged practice and give the audience an opportunity for a small amount of money to form an opinion about their talents. The theater is located in a separate building on Karl Liebknecht Street, in line with the Philharmonic Hall and the Theater of Musical Comedy.

The repertoire of the Educational Theater in Yekaterinburg is very diverse, from Rossini to Wilde, from Chekhov to Vampilov. Here, not so much adult and youth performances are staged, but also children’s - Alice in Wonderland, Rapunzel and others, innovative and appealing statements are being realized.

Address: st. Karl Liebknecht, 38

  1.  Kolyada Theater in Yekaterinburg

Kolyada-Theater in Yekaterinburg owes its appearance to the famous playwright and theater director Nikolai Kolyada in Russia, whose art has an interesting form and deep content.

Each performance of this theater is a real show with innovative visual techniques. There are a lot of humor, originality and the performances which are quite clear to every viewer. Even if you go to a performance in classics (at least, that may seem from the title), wait for something completely non-classical, and sometimes even an extravagant, fresh interpretation.

In 2006, the theater moved to a wooden mansion - an architectural monument on the Turgenev Street. This building has become quite special for the theater, a kind of a continuation of the scenery. In the hall, guests undressed and bought tickets. In the room, at one time, perhaps residential, chairs were placed; the scene is indicated by free space. Everywhere colored rugs, samovar and other rural belongings.

Address: Ave. Lenina, 97

  1.  Volkhonka Theater Center in Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg Volkhonka is a modern intellectual and experimental platform with a small chamber hall.

Volkhonka Theater appeared in Yekaterinburg in 1986 as the City Youth Theater, the troupe of which was fully composed of graduates of the Sverdlovsk Drama School.

The theater received its premise and the “Moscow” name in 1992, at the same time the concept of a new creative platform was formed - it is a mobile, lively chamber theater with invited directors where performances of various genres are staged: dramas, comedies and tragedies based on plays by foreign and Russian writers, including little known.

Address: st. Malysheva, 21/1

  1.  Maly Drama Theater "Teatron" in Yekaterinburg

Theatron was opened in October 1987 and in the first year it already surprised the citizens with its creative performance. The performance “Under the same roof” based on the play by Razumovsky became the premiere for the Yekaterinburg Small Drama Theater; during the year the troupe delivered seven premieres of plays by domestic and foreign authors.

The young theater is more eager to be a creative platform, which is expressed in the choice of repertoire - these are performances not only in the classics, but also in the most modern in their spirit works, not just fashionable, but also refined and ironic. At the same time, the theater also does not forget about children - it was for the “children's” repertoire that received the Golden Mask in 2004.

Address: st. Mamin-Sibiryak, 85 B

  1.  National Theater Drama DKZH named after G. E. Getsov in Yekaterinburg

The National Theater of Drama named after Grigory Yefimovich Getsov is the oldest national theater of Yekaterinburg, it celebrated its centenary in November 2017. Drama Theater was born by a revolution. It survived the difficult years of the civil war, the Great Patriotic War, the Perestroika, the dashing 90s, and continues to delight his audience with new productions.

In the fall of 1917, the first working club in the Urals was created by the decision of a group of Bolshevik railway workers at the Yekaterinburg-1 station. It is located in a wooden building not far from the station, in the center of the poor district, called Melkovka, among the miserable shacks. In November 1917, appeared a club to show free performances by the Ural workers. The first productions of this club were: “At the bottom” by M. Gorky, “The Forest” by A. Ostrovsky, “The Royal Benefactor” by A. Lunacharsky.

Address: st. Chelyuskintsev, 102

  1.  Open Student Theater O.S.T. In Ekaterinburg

Open Student Theater O.S.T. is a Theater Studio, which appeared in Ural Federal University in 2002. The uniqueness of the theater is in its “openness”: anyone can become an actor, for this you need to demonstrate your talents with the next recruitment.

The repertoire of the theater is, first of all, experimental productions, affecting universal themes. This course was originally set by the artistic director Irina Lyadova.

Unlike classical theaters, O.S.T. seeks to diversify genres up to the creation of street performances with immersion of viewers into action; actors explore new forms of presentation and expressiveness.

However, along with the constantly emerging of new performances, the O.S.T. has also “branded” productions in Yekaterinburg, it has been a full house for years. An example is the play “Stalker”, staged in the first year of the theater’s existence.

Address: st. Turgenev, 4

  1.  Theater of modern choreography in Yekaterinburg

The Yekaterinburg Theater of Modern Choreography was created in 2010, is a municipal budget cultural institution. However, its main team worked and previously existed independently.

The structure of the dance theater consists of two divisions: the unique theater “Provincial Dances” (appeared back in 1990) and the dance studio “Center for Contemporary Choreography”, which has been operating since November 2010.

For some time, the administration of the Yekaterinburg Theater of modern choreography was located in the Theater for Young People - prior to the restoration of the building, there were also performances of "Provincial Dances". Now the administration of the dance theater is based in the Ural Central Committee.

Address: Krasnouralskaya St., 27/1

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